HDR is the first company in Mexico, specializing in professional photographic equipment rental and lighting, aimed at professional photographers. With over ten years providing the best comprehensive service in the industry, HDR expands and consolidates its position as the only company that offers photographic equipment with the latest technology in perfect condition, as well as providing a professional service by trained technicians, to solve any requirement,studio and location, dynamically adapting to the specific needs of each client.


We not only rent, we also help

In HDR we are convinced provide a comprehensive service, not just as a rental house where you pickup the stuff, but actively involved in production, leading the equipment to the location or forum with specialized operators who are responsible for the well functioning, always being attentive and willing to any need that arises on the set. Thus, the photographer only cares about the shot, without being distracted by the armed, placement or movement of equipment and production also unaware of collect and return the equipment, as well as optimum performance throughout production.

The rental service that HDR offers, is perfectly suited to the particular needs of each project, so we always do custom quotes free of charge. Always including various accessories and applying attractive discounts, according to the amount of equipment and rental days.

HDR rent professional medium format digital cameras , high performance lighting and grip kits that meet the needs and requirements of professional photographers in studio or outdoors. Our equipment have special insurance, for the peace of mind of our customers.