i-Work Case, Magliner and Grip

HDR has basic grip equipment and digital station that help you to have complete light control and comfort to work in studio and outdoors. Magliner, c-stands, combos, floppies, flags, sandbags, apple boxes, stepladder and everything you need to carry out a professional photo shoot in any light conditions and terrain.

i-work case, a Laptop hard case. Portability and mobility at outdoors situations. This handy gadget includes an Induro lightweight tripod, and MBP 150 battery Hiperjuice.

California Sunbounce 3×4′ zebra gold / white

Professional, extremely light, sturdy and rigid rebound. A system that allows you a perfect light control.

California Sun-swatter Pro 4×6’ w/ 1/3, 2/3, full silk
Light weight modular system. Ideal for outdoor shootings.
Frame, screen diffusor, grip head and boom stick

8 × 8 feet Frame diffuser and / or bounce . Silk (full and 3/4), white, chess silver/gold) and black. Light control system with aluminum frame. Kit includes fabrics and two heavy duty tripods.